Creating converting websites to boost your Wellness Business

Build a unique brand that is selling!

Is it Familiar?

  • You don’t know how to create an appealing online presence that will attract clients?
  • You have a website, but no growing mailing list or converting clients?
  • You are not sure about how to set up and structure effectively your unique offer?
  • You need a reliable team that will assist you with the techy side of your website?

If so, then you have come to the right place to make it HAPPEN!



My name is Masha, I am a digital entrepreneur, web designer and the founder at 7thSense Studio. I am completely dedicated to helping you look good online.  With more than 5 years of experience within the digital and wellness field, I have got the right recipee for building powerful wellness brands. I love helping wellness professionals because I am a yogi myself and would love to help people whose commitment is to bring awareness and improve wellbeing.  Me and my team have got a mixture of tech and marketing experience within the wellbeing field (as we are developing wellness management softwares) that will make your online presence shine effectively.

How do we Help ?


Let’s start by identifying your mission and business objectives. Then, we will sketch your brand identity and the right call to action that will be communicated throughout your website.


We will create a stunning online presence that will perfectly communicate your unique value proposition with the mission of attracting your perfect clientele.


Your website will bring you new growth opportunities, confidence, profesionalism and a converting platform filled with quality content.

Our clients:

  • Manual Therapists (Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Beauty/Aesthetician Therapists etc.)
  • Holistic Practitioners (Ayurveda Practitioners, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Nutritionists, Counsellors etc.)
  • Wellness Instructors (Yoga, Pilates, Qi-Gong, Fitness, Meditation etc.)
  • Health & Wellness Coaches, Wellness Bloggers, Infopreneurs, Motivational Speakers & Bloggers
  • Spa, Wellness Centres, Studios, Vegetarian Restaurants
  • Retreats, Wellness Educational Centres, Organic Products

Expertise & Passion is the recipee...

Offering quality & best tools for an effective website:
  • Unique & Attractive Website
  • Converting & Objective Oriented
  • Responsive - Mobile & Tablet friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • Integration with marketing, payment, analytics tools (e.g Subscribtions to MailChimp, Google analytics etc.)
  • Blog Management
  • ...

"We build unique Websites with personalised templates to make your brand unforgettable"

Let’s get to know each other. Click on the video:

What to Expect?


A bespoke branding and website that will distinguish you from other similar businesses and help you look on top in your niche


Higher conversions via campaigns like lead magnets programs and messaging that says who you are in a way that gets clients in the door.


A high end design website that will give visitors a stunning experience of who you are before they even talk to you


An easy to use backend where you can upload your content with simplicity and manage your campaigns


Access to in-house webinars and courses to help you manage and attract clients like email marketing, blogging, essentials of SEO...

Peace of mind

A realiable support team that will be there to help you and solve any technical issues.

Our bespoke website projects include:

These are some services we offer when discussing your website

  • Custom Website Design
  • Branding Development
  • Logo Design & Web Elements
  • Hosting & Admin Support
  • Integrations (mailing lists, emails, shops, payments etc.
  • Offline Marketing Collateral (biz cards, gift cards etc.)
  • Social Media Branding & Design Package
  • Email Marketing Course + Template Designs

Ready to get your business to the next level of proficiency?

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Pricing & Contact

At 7Sense we have a very personalized approach to each project. “We are perfectionists so our philosophy is based on doing “amazing” or better not do it” ! Therefore we prefer having  a free online consultation with you where we can understand your needs and the overall  concept and workload. These includes: understanding whether you have a well set brand identity or you need rebranding, how many pages your website needs, what tools will be integrated (e-shop, payment etc..) and so on… Don’t worry if you are not profy in that, that’s why we are here… We are going to ask questions that will help us identify everything you need.

Another approach that we have is about “starting small”. We always tell our clients that a website is like a car – you can always continue doing the tunning… You can actually start by having just a one-pager website which will be further developed in accordance with your learning outcomes and observations. A one pager website (with 5-7 blocks) would start from 400 euros. You can always schedule your free consultation & we’ll be able to come up with your project pricing.

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